Size does matter..
small man sitting next to large man  

"you go with a large vendor, you spend a ridiculous amount of money, you get half of what was promised, and then it takes a year of arguing with the vendor's many different service organizations to get the solution you believed you were buying. On the bright side, if it's a large vendor, you can be assured that they'll be around to support the half baked, overpriced solution you've ended up with for a very long time--if you're a large enough customer to get their attention, that is."

Alison Smith, Senior Research Analyst, AMR Research, Inc.


Does this sound too familiar? Yes, there are benefits to being big. A recognized brand name, more established customer relationships, greater number of "experts" in various specialties, more senior management, and superior financial resources.

But a company succeeds because it is good.
Not because it is big.
     Says no by default
     Ignores details early on
     Weaker customer service
     Difficult to reach
     They are the ones that transfer you
      from department to department
      because they aren't sure who handles
      that area"
     Less formalities
     Less mass
     Less fear
     Less people, more power
     Less money, more value
     Less resources, better use
     Less time, better time
     More flexibility
     More change
     More freedom
     More focused

Small has big advantages

Better quality of service

    Short management chains and approval routes, so they can respond
      quickly to changing requirements.

     Being a large customer of a small business means your business is
      important. This can result in a better, often more personal level of
      service and in a better relationship with the supplier.

     More willing and able to tailor a specific product or service to meet
      specific customer needs than a large firm that sells an established

Better value for your money

    Lower administrative overheads and management costs than larger
      firms, which can result in lower prices.

     Ability and willingness of small firms to 'go the extra mile' in terms of
      commitment and service.

We believe that being a small company gives us a competitive advantage. And in today's market, every little bit helps. If you'd like to give your company that same competitive edge, contact us today us to see how we can help you.

We're big enough to get the job done,
but small enough to do it right.

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