Wayne Suttle - Executive Vice President and General Manager

Wayne Suttle graduated from the University of North Texas in 1968 and began his career with the Missouri Pacific Railroad working for the truckline/intermodal division in Dallas, TX. He held positions in operations and the sales/marketing department and was the Sales Manager for the Northern Region located in Chicago, Illinois. He was responsible for selling different types of intermodal packages to Manufacturers, Distribution Centers, 3PL companies, Motor Carriers, Ocean Carriers and to UPS.

In 1977, Wayne oversaw the creation of Texas Highway Transport, an Intermodal Carrier handling rail containers and ocean containers throughout the Southwest. This company operated approximately 75 tractors out of terminals in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas. Wayne was the Vice President for Texas Highway Transport and was responsible for the entire operation. He was responsible for negotiating contracts with Railroads and Ocean Carriers to handle in excess of 35,000 trailers/containers annually.

In 1984, Wayne helped open Expert Freight, Inc. a 3PL operation for the Southwest Region, located in Dallas, TX. He was the General Manager and responsible for sales and service of different types of logistics packages which involved trucking, intermodal, warehousing, air freight and international freight. Also responsible for tariff work, operations, billing procedures and contract negotiations with Motor Carriers and Railroads with a volume of over 13,000 trailers/containers annually.

Wayne joined CustomForm Transportation in 1991 and is currently the Executive Vice President of Operations for the company. Wayne provides the company with an invaluable depth of transportation knowledge and experience which enables the company to offer a wide array of services.