Stephen M. Vaughn - President and Chief Executive Officer

A native of Texas and a graduate of Colgate University, in Hamilton, New York, Steve earned a degree in Political Science in 1989.

After graduation, he went to work for Texas Highway Transport, a drayage company owned by Texas Shippers Association in Dallas, TX. With the sale of Texas Shippers to a Chicago based firm, Mr. Vaughn started CustomForm Transportation Systems, Inc in 1990 with his father, James D. Vaughn. The company has since grown from a small one truck local delivery operation into a regional provider of warehousing, multi-mode transportation and delivery services and currently offers international shipping options as well.

During the period from 1990 to present, Mr. Vaughn has gained experience in almost all aspects of freight transportation from inter-modal drayage to pick-up and delivery to truckload movements to warehousing and distribution. In addition, Mr. Vaughn has developed knowledge in computer programming and networking and understands the significance of data management. Mr. Vaughn has designed and implemented the data storage and software programming that the company utilizes to run its transportation and warehousing services, including a robust RF infrastructure for the warehouse operations.

Steve is proficient in logistics services as well as corporate management. He is currently the President of CustomForm Transportation and has been instrumental in developing the company’s new brand, WhiteStar Logistics. This, along with his knowledge in data processing and networking has helped to position WhiteStar Logistics into a company that is capable of providing freight distribution solutions on any scale.